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Drug abuse and addiction can have a devastating effect on the user, and can lead to dangerous physical and mental problems. People battling addiction, particularly alcoholics, can experience severe withdrawal symptoms when trying to quit without an effective drug treatment program. Chemical dependence should be treated at treatment facilities, such as Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield.One of the most efficient methods to deal with numerous addictions is to seek medical assistance at a treatment facility like Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield.At Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield,patients are equipped with the right recovery tools to cope with substance abuse.  If you are considering treatment at one of these facilities, call for treatment options atDrug Treatment Centers Bloomfield.

Addiction Side Effects and warning signs

Depending on the substance of abuse, alcoholics and drug addicts can experience multiple side effects when experimenting with drugs.These drugs can cause severe brain damage. The common side effects associated with drug abuse may include problems with decision making, mood swings, some types of cancer and heart disease.

Some people use drugs more frequently than others and some drugs are more addictive than others.Risks of addiction and dependency levels vary by drug. As users become accustomed to the drug of abuse, they may start needing larger doses in order for the drugs to have the same effect on them. As this addictive behavior persists, they find it difficult to get by without the substance. When the user attempts to quit,he or she may experience intense cravings to the point of feeling physically addicted to it.

The most common behavior and symptoms associated with drug addiction may include:

  • Strong urges to use the drug regularly
  • Needing larger doses to get the same effects
  • Spending money on drugs even when the user can’t afford it
  • Ignoring responsibilities with family, at school or at work
  • Dishonest behavior, such as, stealing in order to get the drugs
  • Risky behavior, such as, reckless driving or driving  under the influence
  • Spending more time and energy on drugs
  • Feeling unable to quit the drug
  • Suffering painful symptoms of withdrawal when attempting to quit

Drug abuse and addiction can slowly deteriorate the user’s immune system. Individuals struggling with substance abuse show reckless behavior when intoxicated. This impaired judgment may lead to dangerous behaviors such as unsafe sexual practices or sharing needles to do drugs.  This is why a high percentage of individuals struggling with alcohol and drug dependency are more at risk for contracting infectious diseases.  Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield can meet your needs during addiction treatment. Find guidance in your pain at 973-396-1399.