substance abuse addiction treatment Bloomfield nj
substance abuse addiction treatment Bloomfield nj
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There is no doubt that entering recovery is a courageous move. Change is never easy – even when it means that you are leaving a miserable situation for a much better one. Embracing change during recovery takes courage, because recovery is a process and not an event. Getting clean is just the first step. Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield has one goal which is to lead patients to lasting abstinence through therapies that restore balance, and help recovering addicts to accept their recovery. Additionally, Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield empowers patients with the tools they need to keep themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally strong so they can remain focused on recovery.  While in recovery at Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield patients will be free from any temptation and old habits that enables drug or alcohol use and helps patients build confidence in their recovery. Call Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield today to begin the process of overcoming your addiction with our experienced staff. Just dial (973) 396-1399.

Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction begins with proper assessment of the patient’s disease, their unique needs in terms of treatment, and what, if any, additional hurdles are specific to their care plan (secondary addictions, dual diagnosis, etc.). Assessments also take family relationships and the extent of support the patient can expect at home into consideration. The next step is medical detox and withdrawal, followed by counseling and therapy to begin the arduous process of healing the whole person. There are several therapy options and additional aspects of treatment that bring the patient into a state of recovery.

Medical Problems that could occur from Addiction:

  • Weakened immune system
  • Irregular heart beat
  • Heart attack
  • Collapsed veins
  • Infection
  • Liver disease – cirrhosis
  • Liver failure
  • Heart failure
  • Stroke
  • Brain damage
  • Memory loss
  • Convulsions
  • Hepatitis

Drug rehabilitation and treatment center options:

Inpatient treatment:

Inpatient treatment can be voluntary or involuntary. This is a medically-supervised live-in arrangement at a drug and alcohol treatment center. Inpatient treatment options have the advantage of medical detox services to manage the effects of the detox and withdrawal process. All counseling and treatment therapies are conducted in the treatment center, and other important elements of healing are attended to in the form of helping the patient regain their physical health such as exercise, nutrition, vitamin therapy, and supplemental treatments.

Outpatient treatment:

Outpatients live at home during treatment, enabling them to continue to work, take care of their family, and meet social obligations. Use of alcohol or drugs is prohibited. Individual and group counseling is attended in addition to personal therapy sessions. Outpatient treatments may utilize drug therapy and can provide replacement drugs to taper the addictive substance over a period of time to ease the withdrawal process.

How to choose:

Choosing between inpatient and outpatient treatment options is most successfully accomplished through assessment and evaluation. When a person accepts the need for treatment, they are half-way there. Decisions, such as treatment type, can rarely be left to the addict as their thought processes can be faulty at this point. Family and friends are eager to get their loved-ones help in any way possible, but can be easily be manipulated by the addict’s protests for one type of treatment over another. The addict’s exact needs should be properly determined through assessment and an evaluation of their relationships with family, their home environment, their ability to refrain from drug use completely, and other mediating factors. Outpatient treatment is not suitable if the addict is unable to completely abstain from drugs and alcohol, has previously failed an attempt of either outpatient or inpatient treatment, or if they do not live in a supportive environment.

Attending group and individual therapy sessions during the rehabilitation portion of your recovery will help you identify and cope with triggers that cause your drug abuse. Call Drug Treatment Centers Bloomfield today and explore your possibilities for addiction recovery at (973) 396-1399.

About Bloomfield, NJ

Bloomfield is a township located in New Jersey’s Essex County. In recent years the township has seen a growth in its population which now is around 47,000 residents. Due to economic changes many young professionals from differing ethnic backgrounds have begun to move to the area purchasing homes around the township and bringing their culture to the area. Bloomfield College is located in the township and is a small liberal arts university downtown. In response to the young adult population growing Bloomfield has seen an increase in cultural arts which initiated the arts organization to come about. Through the arts organization Bloomfield has developed two professional acting schools, professional theatre and dance companies as well as increased the production of concerts and performances for the community to enjoy. Additionally, the boom in Bloomfield brought new shopping, dining and enjoyment attractions for residents and visitors to enjoy. Attractions include great local clothing stores, fine restaurants, as well as art galleries, luxury athletic clubs, and movie nights. Keeping the community together however is the main goal while expanding on the available amentities. By holding monthly and even weekly community activities it brings people together as well has brings appreciation to the towns local businesses.


substance abuse addiction treatment Bloomfield nj

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substance abuse addiction treatment Bloomfield nj

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substance abuse addiction treatment Bloomfield nj

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